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Mirrored Data Centers

Redundancy and availability is the heart of any Disaster Recovery Plan and Backup System. To ensure maximum recoverability your data is stored at two secure state-of-the-art Data centers located thousands of miles apart. Every file you backup is protected and stored in both locations. Each Data Center facility is secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet for maximum reliability.

Where's The Data?

Most Online Backup Services backup your data to the closest location or to the "cloud" which you have no control over. Expert Backup Now uses two Data Centers located in Los Angeles and Boston to ensure your data is secure no matter what may happen. With other services, how safe can your data be if you donít know where it is going?

Maximum Reliability

The problem with other backup types is reliability. Our Software takes very little time to install and is simple to configure. Expert Backup Now's Software is so reliable that once installed and configured you may never have to go back into the software again.

In most cases, the only time you will needs to go back into the software to reconfigure it is if you add another drive or change where your data is located. It's simply that reliable.

For additional piece of mind, each time your backup runs you will be sent an email telling you about your backup job's success or (rarely) failure.

Unbeatable Security

Ensuring that no one but you can ever access your data is a top priority at Expert Backup Now. Military-Level Data Protection Your data is encrypted before it leaves the system being backed up using the same 256-bit AES security used by the U.S. military. Files are secured beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking, and can be accessed with an Encryption Key that only you have. Your files are stored, in encrypted form, on multiple servers in high security facilities. Not even Expert Backup Now personnel can access your data. Encryption Both in Storage and in Transit The Expert Backup Now Online Backup Software communicates with our Expert Backup Now Servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology. This is the same encryption technology used by Internet browsers when a user enters a secured site. So your data is encrypted twice. It is encrypted at all times using the 256-bit AES encryption, and it is encrypted again while being sent over the Internet.

Restoration 3 Times Faster

The whole point of a backup is that files are available the moment you need them. No one does this better than Expert Backup Now. Accelerated Restoration Protocol™ Our Intelliblox technology combined with our Accelerated Restoration Protocol make Expert Backup Now Online Backup restorations three times faster than other solutions, according to independent testing laboratories.

Expert Backup Now Online Backup gives you the power to restore files when you want, as often as you want. You can retrieve individual files, revisions of files, entire folders, or complete backup sets. When the day comes that you experience a complete system failure or data loss, you can recover all your files to any PC with an Internet connection, at speeds three times faster than other data backup solutions.

Intelliblox: Block-Level Backup Technology

While different backup solutions appear similar on the outside, how they perform inside varies tremendously. Intelliblox is what makes Expert Backup Now Online Backup faster and more efficient than others. Smaller Blocks = Less Waste Once a file has been saved once, Intelliblox backs up only changes, down to the block level. This allows users to backup more files in the same backup window, since incremental backups are smaller than they would be otherwise.

Because Intelliblox only sends changed blocks, rather than the whole file or bigger chunks of it, significantly less data needs be sent, so users are able to backup more data in less time.

And, with less data moved and stored for file changes, Intelliblox minimizes the cost of storage.

Microsoft Exchange Support

As you may know, Microsoft Exchange files don't behave like regular documents. As a result, many online backup solutions can't manage Exchange files. We have developed the Expert Backup Now Exchange Store module specifically to manage backup, storage, and restoration of Exchange files. Expert Backup Now Exchange Store Module Our Exchange Store feature can backup not only one mailbox, but all Exchange data from everyone's mailbox in your entire Exchange database. User-Defined Protocols You decide which mailboxes and which folders to backup. The Expert Backup Now Exchange Store Module can backup as much or as little data as you like, for as long or as short a time as you need. Customizable Excludes The Expert Backup Now Exchange Store Module gives you the power to exclude messages on the subject level, so you don't waste space backing up personal or unimportant documents. Restore-Based Snapshots Any time you need a snapshot of a point-in-time document, simply restore the file from that moment. The Expert Backup Now Exchange Store Module makes it simple. Archiving and Discovery Regulatory compliance using The Expert Backup Now Exchange Backup Module could not be simpler. You determine which messages are retained, how long they remain in archives, and what happens to them once that time has elapsed. Recovering archived messages is managed by point-in-time data restorations. The Expert Backup Now Exchange Backup Module is data protection, archiving, and discovery all in one user-friendly tool.

Retention and Archiving

Because every detail of what files are stored, and for how long, is user-configured, Expert Backup Now Online Backup functions as a compliance-ready digital archiving solution. Complete User Control Users can set Expert Backup Now Online Backup to save any number of revisions to saved documents, from 1 to infinity, allowing compliance with the strictest data archiving regulations. Tape-Rotation-Like Schemes Organizations accustomed to backing up to tape can create easily managed protocols for Expert Backup Now Online Backup to behave exactly the same way. So the transition to secure, off-site, automatic, online backup can be seamless. Expert Backup Now Online Backup archives, retains, and makes available the same information as had been tediously backed up to tape. Point-In-Time Snapshots Expert Backup Now Online Backup can easily provide a snapshot for any system at any point in time, and retrieve files linked to that moment. User-Configurable Policies It's easy to set archiving policies that fit the needs of different files or file types. For example, you can tell Expert Backup Now Online Backup to save seven years of email, six months of digital images, and one week of Word documents. How you use the settings is entirely your decision. Built for Compliance In an increasingly regulatory environment, Expert Backup Now Online Backup provides an easily configured solution to archive, protect, and make accessible files to keep any organization in compliance.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For documents that change rapidly and need continuous data protection, Expert Backup Now Online Backup allows users to set CDP to automatically send changes every 15 minutes. Worried about sky-rocketing data usage? Well don't! We've got you covered with our Intelliblox technology which knows how to backup ONLY your changes. Pair this with our extensive revision rule options and you'll have all changes to your documents safely and securely backed up on both a short-term and a long-term basis.
Local Vault

Local Vault

For organizations with strict recovery time objectives (RTO), Expert Backup Now Online Backup can be set not only to send the files remotely to our secure on-line data centers, but also to store backup files locally for near-instant, on-demand data restoration. Remember that NAS device you spent thousands on? Well, it won't go to waste with Expert Backup Now Online Backup! Simply point the software to a local drive, remote share, NAS device, or USB Hard Drive and we'll keep a local copy of your data on it. You can even decide which data will be copied locally, such as word documents, Exchange data, databases, photos or any other type of document.

Mapped Drive Support

You want to backup files from multiple PCs or servers from one account on one machine? Go for it! The more computers you protect by backing up, the happier everyone is and the safer your files are. You can even backup each computer or server resource using different credentials, without adding accounts.

User-Defined Options Granularity

This is the section for all you IT admins out there. We know you crave power and flexibility.* Our flexible backup sets let you choose exactly what you want (and don't want) backed up, when you want it backed up, and even why you want it backed up. For a real-life example of this feature, the software is set by default to determine if a file has changed based on its Last Modified Date. A while back one of our clients asked if we could also base a change on when the Archive Bit was last set. So guess what? We added that feature for him, and other administrators also found it helped them too!

*Everyone else shouldn't worry though, because we'll choose the best options by default.

Flexible Scheduling

Expert Backup Now Online Backup provides complete scheduling flexibility. Each backup set can be set to run at any user-defined time, and at any user-defined frequency. There are default settings, of course, but every aspect of a back-up schedule is easily configurable. At first, you'll be provided with a daily schedule and you can choose specific days and times for a regular schedule. If you are an irregular sort of person, however, you can say "run a backup daily at 10pm, then run it Wednesday at 3pm, and let's throw in an extra backup on Sunday at 5pm because we work weekends." It's that easy!

Sub Accounts

With some of our plans, a single Expert Backup Now Online Backup account, can manage an unlimited number of computers. Each computer under a main account can have its own backup sets and configuration, and this is called a subaccount. This is especially useful for companies with multiple servers, or with servers and computers in different offices or departments. To make it easy for billing, the usage for each computer is pooled together under the main account. For an extra level of security, we even give you the option of assigning a different password to each subaccount under a main account. Backup Even When out of the Office Expert Backup Now Online Backup subaccounts are the perfect solution for workers on the go who need to make sure their important documents are always backed up. When traveling with a laptop, you can simply create a subaccount, install the software, and make a backup set. When a WIFI connection is available, simply kick off a backup. You'll appreciate this when you're working on a Powerpoint presentation in a motel in Omaha at midnight and you accidentally deleted a slide. You can just load the software and go to the previous backed up version! We recommend using our Continuous Data Protection option for these exact situations.

Activity Logs

How much does Expert Backup Now Online Backup tell you about what it's doing? As much or as little as you want! Reports on successful backups, failed file notifications, or any activity of the program can be automatically reported to the people who need to know how the solution is performing. Backup and restoration reports can be generated following any action, or at regularly scheduled intervals. All reporting preferences are entirely user-configurable. As an added feature, our Expert Backup Now Online Backup logs are so complete that they can be used for compliance purposes, as well as to track the times when files were actually backed up.

Bandwidth Throttling

Expert Backup Now Online Backup activity happens in the background, while you work. Our bandwidth throttling feature assures that no matter how big your backups are, Expert Backup Now Online Backup will never cause network congestion or get in your way as you perform other tasks. It always knows the right amount of bandwidth to use to get your backup to complete as quickly and efficiently as possible no matter what you are doing.

System State Backups

Expert Backup Now Online Backup allows you to automatically or manually create system state backups for point-in-time restorations. We include the following items in the system state as long as they are present on the server: the registry, system files, boot files, SYSVOL, Active Directory, Cluster service information, the IIS Metadirectory, and the certificate services database. These ensure that your point-in-time recovery is as complete and accurate as possible.

Volume Shadow Copy

Volume Shadow Copies provide a snapshot of any drive which can be referenced for backup. This allows even locked files to be securely backed up and available to the file owner for restoration.
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